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Hong Kong CPA firm, Thomson Wong CPA provides professional services on accounting, taxation, company formation and auditing.
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Company Profile

Mission: WE hope to provide remarkable professional services among our peer participators, and impress our clients we act the excellence in this profession.

Objective:  WE are profession who are committed to provide quality service to our clients and we excel ourselves.

Profile:WE are a group of certified public accountants (CPA), qualified accountants who are the associate members of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA), CPA (Aust.) and members of HKTI.

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Corporate Tax Planning :: DTA with BELGIUM | DTA with THAILAND | DTA with the Mainland CHINA (PRC) | DTA with the LUXEMBOURG
Hong Kong Corporate Tax Planning
Taxation in China::Setting up Business in PRC | Tax Administration System in PRC
Individual Tax Planning::Concept of "Habitually Residence" in PRC | IIT Obligations to Expatriates Hired by BY FIES |
Tax Planning for Expatriates Directors and Senior Management

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